Up to 60% more cleaning power

Experience brilliant stain removal and up to 60% more cleaning power, even at low temperatures. Hotpoint’s innovative Direct Injection System premixes the water and detergent before it enters the drum, so it gets to work faster and penetrates fibres deeper, while still helping to keep your clothes soft and vibrant.

Cooking and Jamie Oliver

Perfectly even cooking

“We've all been there – you've spent ages preparing a gorgeous family meal, only for the oven to go and ruin it by overcooking some stuff and leaving something else underdone.

Hotpoint are taking that pain away with their Multi-Flow Technology, which creates a perfectly even cooking temperature throughout the whole oven – no more burnt edges, no more uncooked middles, just perfectly cooked food from the inside out.” Jamie Oliver

Refrigeration and Jamie Oliver

Keeping food fresher for longer

“So you’ve filled your fridge with the big weekly shop… and just a couple of days later it’s started to wilt and gone limp. Hotpoint are taking that pain away with their Day 1 Fresh technology, which creates the perfect environment for your food, to keep it fresher for longer. ” Jamie Oliver


Remove stubborn, baked-on food

Delivering 30% extra cleaning power to the basket of your choice, Zone Wash Technology uses powerful jets to target the most stubborn, baked-on food, giving you maximum cleaning first time.

There’s no need to pre-soak or scrub, just sit back and enjoy sparkling crockery and cutlery after every mealtime.

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